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Sector: Financial Services
Industry: Capital Markets
About Creek Road Miners™

Creek Road Miners™ is in a unique position to mine and hold a diverse portfolio of select cryptocurrency. By locating mining operations in geographically diverse facilities with direct access to natural gas, Creek Road Miners expects to reduce energy costs and minimize external disruptions. By owning energy sources, and directing income from oil and excess natural gas sales to cover additional operating expenses, Creek Road Miners believes the portfolio can maintain treasury status.

Leveraging the skills of its experienced management team, Creek Road Miners is striving to own multiple oil and natural gas assets. Currently, Creek Road Miners operates its proof-of-concept facility. With plans to open several more facilities, these facilities should not only give Creek Road Miners a distinct profit advantage, but also give the company unique autonomy over its crypto-mining production — freeing it from interference by energy suppliers, overregulation, disruptions, and other risks. (Source)

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