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Creek Road Miners’ innovative mining production sets up the company – and investors – to profit off multiple revenue streams at heart of the cryptocurrency boom.

This decade’s most exciting — and controversial — investment? Without a doubt, it’s cryptocurrency …

  • Take Bitcoin, which surged 325% over the past year. With a market cap of over $1 trillion, it’s now larger than that of Bank of America, Visa and Walmart. 
  • Even a $1,000 investment in the obscure Dogecoin ballooned to more than $120,000 in 2021. 
  • As more investors and bank customers are swept up in the mass adoption tsunami, other cryptos like Ethereum, Solana and Cardano have also hit all-time highs. 

Yes, crypto is now mainstream, with a combined market cap nearing $3 trillion. And based on our extensive research in the crypto space, my team and I at Streetlight Confidential believe the best is yet to come.

If you’re one of the fortunate few who already took a chance on crypto, congratulations. You’ve seen firsthand how life-changing an early crypto investment can be.

But, given the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies, what if the high-risk, roller coaster ride makes your stomach turn? What if you’d rather not deal with the headaches of buying and holding these assets directly?

Fortunately, there’s another way to get in on the crypto boom without pushing beyond your comfort zone

In fact, crypto mining stocks are some of the best-performing equities in the world. And they offer investors a more stable and diversified way to profit from the cryptocurrency revolution without the huge price swings.

Our team at Streetlight Confidential has uncovered one such company called Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) that stands poised for explosive potential growth and massive gains. This under-the-radar firm is in the middle of something big … overcoming costly problems that are driving many other crypto miners out of business.

The best part? The stock is absurdly cheap right now … currently trading in the single digits. And it could hand early investors the opportunity to make a +200% return … and possibly much more.

The details behind this opportunity — including everything you need to know to start profiting immediately — are the focus of a new report my staff and I have prepared titled, The Clean Crypto Revolution. You can claim a copy of this report FREE of charge simply by filling the form below.

FREE Report reveals why Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) is our #1 “under-the-radar” cryptocurrency investment for 2022

Welcome to the “Modern Day Digital Gold Rush”

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin don’t just appear out of thin air. Like gold, they must be mined — not with a pick and shovel, but with an army of supercomputers working round-the-clock. And there’s only a limited amount of Bitcoin available, which adds to its value.

Analysts call it a “modern day digital gold rush,” since miners receive Bitcoin (or other form of digital currency) as a reward for solving complex cryptographic equations and creating a new block of verified transactions. Each new block is added to the previous block … hence the name “blockchain.”

One of the best parts of the blockchain? It’s completely decentralized and facilitated by thousands of independent computers worldwide. It isn’t under the control of any government.

Stands to reason that as crypto prices rise, so do the stock prices of the companies that mine it. In fact, over the past year, shares of several publicly traded crypto mining companies have actually outperformed Bitcoin!

That’s where you and I can realize some potential monster gains … without ever buying cryptos.

Of all the companies we’ve researched, Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) is positioned perfectly for the environmental and economic challenges facing the industry right now.

And make no mistake, the crypto mining industry as a whole is at a crossroads. Many of those operating inefficient “old generation” mining rigs have closed shop due to exploding energy costs and heavy debt.

Other miners that rely on coal power plants for electricity have come under intense scrutiny of late from environmentalists and government regulators alike.

Because, like it or not …

Bob from Streetlight visits Creek Road Miner’s operation.

Crypto’s dirty little secret is out of the bag

It’s not just the price of Bitcoin that has hit an all-time high. So has its energy footprint. The process of extracting cryptocurrencies from cyberspace devours vast amounts of often-expensive electricity. How bad is it?

• Last June, China banned crypto mining, which a government spokesperson called “an extremely harmful” practice that “produces lots of carbon emissions.”

• Elon Musk, the Tesla chief executive so fond of Bitcoin that he loaded up his corporate coffers with $1.5 billion of it said, “Cryptocurrency is a good idea on many levels and we believe it has a promising future, but this cannot come at great cost to the environment.”

• Dr. Brian Lucey from Dublin’s Trinity College is more blunt. “Bitcoin alone consumes as much electricity as a medium-sized European country,” he said. “It’s a dirty business. It’s a dirty currency.”

The road to cleaner crypto … and massive profits

Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) has emerged to address this crisis and bring more affordable — and environmentally friendly — energy to cryptocurrencies, right here in America.

This scrappy small-cap owns and operates mobile Bitcoin mining units which can be spread across multiple locations using stranded natural gas and renewable energy sources. It already has self-contained, fully operational production facilities up and running in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana.

I believe this miner presents early investors with the single best way to play the “clean crypto” megatrend for maximum profits.

And that’s the subject of our revealing new report called, The Clean Crypto Revolution. You can learn more by claiming a free copy of this report simply by clicking on the button below.

But first, what is it that makes Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) stand head and shoulders above all the other crypto miners crowding the market, at home and abroad? And why is NOW the best time to get in on this potential high-reward opportunity?

As a matter of fact, we believe Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) is poised to soar sharply higher for six crucial reasons:

Reason #1: Control Over Its Energy

Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) is one of the rare crypto miners that is striving to have its own energy source. That’s right, it won’t rely on distributors for natural gas, it will OWN it. Cutting out the middleman will help it power its crypto mining operations at a fraction of the cost. Whether it’s by utilizing stranded natural gas (unwanted by oil companies), or renewable energy like wind and solar, its energy supply is plentiful and uninterrupted. And since natural gas is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon, it results in fewer CO2 emissions than coal — a huge plus in today’s environment.

Creek Road Miner’s facility devoted to mining crypto using natural resources. 

Reason #2: Unmatched Mobility

Creek Roads Miner’s mobile units can be spread across multiple geographical locations, which is a real game changer. The mobility of its natural gas-fueled operations is key, giving it flexibility to draw natural gas from multiple sites. This allows it to generate the electricity needed to run its data centers non-stop. Compare that to other crypto mining operations fueled by a single well or hydroelectric turbine, which can shut down on a moment’s notice.

Reason #3: Pure Vertical Integration

Creek Roads Miner expects to mine Bitcoins for just $4,221 a pop — a hefty margin considering they’re currently selling for around $65,000! How is that possible? Not only does Creek Road strive to own its energy supply, it performs all key operations in house. The company enjoys the benefit of low fixed costs, an efficient mining fleet and operational expertise.

Reason #4: Crypto Diversification

Let’s face it, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and constantly evolving. Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) is ready to adapt to the coming changes by mining not only Bitcoin, but other cryptos as well. By not putting all of its eggs in one basket, it’s well positioned to overcome volatility and pivot quickly to mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

Reason #5: Strong Financials

This company has an impressive balance sheet, little debt — and ample cash on hand. Plus, it’s aiming for dual revenue streams. Yes, it can also sell the natural gas and oil it acquires for a substantial profit. This can potentially offset most, if not all, expenses of its crypto mining operations. For this reason, it’s well on the way to retaining ownership of every single coin it mines.

Let that sink in for a moment. While other miners may have to sell coins just to keep the lights on, Creek Road is all about banking these coins for the long haul … until they’re ultimately worth much, much more.

Reason #6: Proven Management

Creek Road’s management team brings together a wealth of experience and expertise in cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tech leadership and power plant management. These folks not only know crypto inside out, they enjoy strong relationships in the gas and oil industry. Led by trailblazing CEO Scott D. Kaufman, this team has built a model that is one-of-a-kind … and one that’s on the verge of revolutionizing a $3 trillion industry.

FREE Report reveals why Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) is our #1 “under-the-radar” cryptocurrency investment for 2022

Bottom Line: Creek Road Miners is worthy of your careful consideration

For these six reasons and more, I believe an investment in Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) could bring a potential windfall profit over the next 12-36 months for those who buy the company’s bargain-priced shares today.

In fact, I’m telling our Streetlight Confidential subscribers to run, not walk, and buy shares of CRKR now, before the street gets wind of this little-known company.

As mentioned earlier, we’ve prepared a new research report called The Clean Crypto Revolution, which shows how you can pounce on this once-in-a-generation profit opportunity. And a copy is yours FREE when you accept a risk-free trial subscription to our Streetlight Confidential Newsletter.

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Urgent: Please act now to avoid missing out!

Look, investing directly in cryptocurrencies isn’t for everyone. I get it. But investing in crypto miners is another way to get in on the action without risking a huge chunk of your nest egg.

And Creek Road Miners (OTCQB: CRKR) could be your best chance to turn a modest investment into some handsome double- or triple-digit returns.

I urge you to act quickly while it’s still undiscovered, as this stock may make a very sudden — and dramatic — upward move at any time.

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